Friday, January 18, 2013

In the absence of Amma -- Meditation sessions and Satsang are there

1st-2nd Week of January 2013

Amma went for North Indian tour on 02/01/2013 from the Ashram. A large number of brahmacharis, Brahmacharinis, Achan/ Ammamars and western devotees (600+ in total) accompanied her for the tour.

Normally, during Ammas' absence in the Ashram, a dullness settles over; several Achans and Ammamars would utilize this time to go to their respective native places or to visit their nearest kith and kin; they would return just before Amma returns to the Ashram.

Not much of spiritual activity will be there in the Ashram except for the regular early-morning chanting of Lalitha Sahasranama Archana, another round of Archana at 10 AM and, in the evening,  6:30 to 8 PM, Lalitha Sahasranama sthotram and Bhajans.  All these sessions would take place simultaneously at Kali Temple (for ladies) and Main Darshan Hall (for gents).

This time, Amma has arranged yet another spiritual activity, particularly to cater to the needs of Western devotees. There is a morning group meditation (30 minutes) followed by Satsang in English (30 minutes) at the beach between 6:30 AM and 7:30 AM. Again another session in the evening between 5:30PM to 6:30PM.

Brahmachari Ramkumar and Brahmachari Vinay (Westerner) and Br. Sachin (Westerner) are conducting these sessions with utter dedication and enthusiasm.

All of them are knowledgeable and capable speakers (in English) and their Satsang sessions are very lively. With the right mix spiritual wisdom, 'Amma stories' (i.e. anecdotes of happenings around Amma), personal experiences with Amma, short spiritual stories and quotations from scripture, the brahmacharis are attracting more and more audience every day.

Thank you Amma, for providing the Ashramites with this additional spiritual bonanza this time during your absence!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Will the Guru punish his disciple? Can't he be saved by God?

25th December 2012 - Tuesday

In today's Satsang, the following question was posed to Amma by a devotee:

"Amma, in Guru Gita, it is stated that Lord Siva explained to Parvati that if God became angry with a person, he can be saved by his Guru; but if Guru became angry with a person, no one including God can save the person. It is difficult to digest this. Even among worldly people, if a child does something wrong, the parents don't reject the child. If that is the case with even non-spiritual persons, how can it be true that the Guru would get so angry with a disciple that none can save him?"

ANGRY GURU?   courtesy:
The gist of Amma's replay was as below:

"Siva Purana glorifies lord Siva as the supreme lord who is the most powerful of all Gods. Vishnu Purana glorifies lord Vishnu as the ultimate God that Siva and Brahma worship; he is the greatest and most powerful of all. Same case with other puranas that glorify other Gods. It is this way that the puranas tend to strengthen the faiths of devotees of their chosen God forms.

"In a similar vain, Guru Gita is a scripture that explains the glories of the guru and it is intended for the disciples to understand the greatness of the Guru and develop full faith in him. Like God's anger being too powerful to combat, it is stated of Guru's anger too. But even Guru's anger is only meant for the good of the devotee.

"Guru is great because to understand God correctly, Guru's guidance is a must. To overcome negativity and egotism, Guru's guidance is essential. Guru's anger too could be one form of his ways of putting his disciple in the right path; Guru creates situations in such a way that the disciple faces problems in real life to overcome his weaknessess and advance in spiritual strength.

"Even a Guru's explicit display of anger could be an act -- his lila. A true master has transcended ego and  he lives in the plane of Atman. His anger is not ego-centric like normal persons."

We think of God only in troubled times!

24th December 2012 - Monday

Amma narrated this incident to explain how most of us think of God seriously only in trouble times.

Once Amma was travelling in flight with all her troup (sometime while in US or Europe tour).   It was time to take food and food was being served. Suddenly the plane got into a turbulance and flight became shaky and bumpy. All got frightened and most of the people were shouting aloud "Amma, Amma...." Many were loudly chanting other God names; many were praying feverishly with folded palms.

After a while, the turbulance was crossed and the flight became normal again. As though a power was switched off, all the people stopped praying and chanting, smile returned to their faces and they started to eat their food as though nothing had happened!

"We think about existence of our head only when we get a headache!" quipped Amma and all of us laughed. "Amma loves to see her children laughing" said Amma laughing.